Ldrs303 assignment 4 | Accounting homework help

4. Strengths Presentation:

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a. Think of the following topics: 1 parper

· What did you learn about yourself?

· What are your 5-strengths?

· Talk about each strength individually: Brief definition of the theme.

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· Strategies you use to leverage that strength to meet the four basic needs of your followers. (Hint: The four basic needs can be found on p. 22-26 of Rath and Conchie’s Strengths-Based Leadership.)

· How would you lead others who are also strong in that strength?

· Using those strengths as a reference, how will you strengthen your team and the people around you? 

· What is the best way other people can work with you that will bring out the best in both of you (as well as others that may concern you)?


Assignment guidelines:

· Each team member will prepare three PowerPoints minimum (five maximum):

· 1 PowerPoint on your Personal Strength

· 1 PowerPoint on how you will improve your strength

· 1 PowerPoint explaining how you will work with each of your teammates.

· You have three minutes for your presentation.

Due date: 

· Please upload your team PowerPoint in “Assignment 4 – Strengths Based Leadership (PowerPoint)” Dropbox on or before the due date in Moodle. Marks will be deducted for all late assignments.


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