Film review | Sociology homework help

Select a contemporary film of your choice that includes significant content about social issues. Review and analyze the film in an essay of 3-5 pages (double-spaced). The review will include a short summary of the content and mostly focus on sociological analysis. You should use very few outside sources (or none) and instead focus on your own analysis. Further instructions will be given in class. Creativity is highly encouraged.

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Potential areas to explore about a film:

  • **Given how we are learning in class to think deeply about Pop Culture, apply this knowledge to an analysis of a film
  • What is the main theme? What are other themes explored in the film?
  • Apply a theory or concept explored in class to the film
  • How are various people represented?
  • What does the film say about society? About human nature? Social Issues?
  • Are there archetypes?
  • Are there hidden messages?
  • Interesting ideas
  • Critiques of the film, contradictions
  • Original thinking about the film

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