Research paper on vulnerabilities (cyber security 225)


For this assignment learners will use the Ivy Tech library resources and the Internet to do research on vulnerabilities associated with  a specific OS (e,g. Windows, Linux, etc), network device (Switches, Routers, IDS, etc), or other non-computer technology device (Raspberry PI, RFID, USB).

You must choose one specific subject area to write your paper.  For example, ‘USB’ is not specific. ‘RFID’ is not specific. 3com USB vulnerabilities IS specific. RFID vulnerabilities in Credit Cards IS specific.

Once you have made your selection, using a minimum of 3 current sources (the textbooks cannot be a source) write a double spaced 3-5 page research APA format paper (a paper, not just a bullet list of response answers).  Note, your cover page, and your reference page, are not included in the 3-5 page requirement. You should have 3-5 pages of written text in addition to your cover page and reference pages. Use in-text citations when paraphrasing and quoting sources to avoid plagiarism. 


In your paper:

1. At minimum, discuss three different vulnerabilities you found in your specific subject area research.2. Discuss how those vulnerabilities can be exploited3. Discuss available countermeasures for each vulnerability you mentioned.Your paper should start with an introduction or problem statement that clearly defines your specific subject and end with a conclusion regarding what your research found.

All sources used must be cited on the last page in a bibliography.  Proper grammar and sentence structure must be used for this formal paper. The cover page for your paper must contain your name, date, course, and instructor. The paper must be double-spaced, left-aligned.  Font should be a 10 or 12 point common font.  Do not misuse white space as a filler; points will be deducted for not meeting the minimum requirements. Remember – APA format is required! 

Once you have your paper written and saved in either .doc, .docx, or .rtf format, submit via the link above. 

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