Metaphysics | Philosophy homework help

1) You must affirm or deny a proposition for a topic. For example, I agree to P or I deny P (P: mental causation exists.)

2) Write a position paper defending your view 400 words. Include objections to your view and your responses.  You can use any ideas or arguments that you think are relevant.

  1. Essentialism

P:  To say that we know the essential properties of something only requires that we consider its properties with Kripke’s modal metaphysics, the new realism about powers adds nothing.

Proof: Water is H20. H20 is the essential property of water. For something to be water it must have this property. Water has certain dispositional properties, i.e., it freezes at 32 degrees fahrenheit, it can extinguish a fire and so on. The ontology of powers insists that these properties in our world must be part of the essence of things. However, these dispositional properties don’t matter in defining the essence of something. For instance, it could be that water, that is H20, exists in some possible world (Mars!) in which it freezes at 10 degrees fahrenheit. Hence, dispositional properties are not part of the essence of things. The new realism adds nothing to our understanding to the essence of things.

2. Mental Causation

P: Mental Causation exists.    

Proof: Bob looks into his refrigerator and sees fresh strawberries and a cup of chocolate mousse. He thinks “Well, I started my diet yesterday, but that chocolate mousse looks awfully good.”  He quickly shuts the fridge and opens it again. Then he grabs the cup of chocolate mousse. Hence, mental causation exists.

For question 1 the stance is Agree.

For question 2 the stance is Disagree.

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