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 One general financial goal for myself is to pay off my credit card. I went to the website for financial calculators and I clicked on the link for “How long before my credit card is paid off” and it calculated it out that I have paid about 2,000 dollars in interest and I never realized how much I actually pay in interest, to be honest I was disturbed. I will begin to make higher payments now so I can pay it off earlier and get it over with. From module 10.1 I realized that I could use the short term goal for the time based option. I will cut out little things that I do not need to spend money on, like coffee every week from dunkin donuts, Or going out to eat as much. I will limit myself to once a week for each of these so I have extra money to put towards my credit card bill. I believe that these small changes will definitely help me in the long run to reach my financial goals.  

Please read the above response and follow the instruction below-

This is for a discussion board.

 What other strategies for financial success can you share with your classmates? What additional digital tools would you suggest or recommend to your classmates?  Post should be a minimum of 75 words

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