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 This paper is an opportunity for you to investigate and demonstrate an understanding of a topic related to facility and/or event management, and to make practical applications. For examples of topics, see the textbook, course module learning outcomes, or discuss the paper with your professor. 

This is a formal paper and must be written in current APA format. It must include a title page, abstract, and reference list per current APA guidelines. The body of the paper must be at least 8 pages, using Times New Roman 12-point font, with 1 inch margins all around. The title page, abstract and reference list are not considered in the page count. A third-person writing style (impartial voice) should be used. The primary focus of the paper is to present information on your selected topic and current academic research related to that topic. Each of the following should be included in the paper: 

· Title page

· Abstract 

· Brief overview of your selected topic with connection to the textbook/class (1 page)

· Detailed explanation of the topic based on trade/news sources (3 pages)

· A review of relevant academic research based on peer-reviewed journal articles (2 pages)

· A description of biblical principles that can be applied to the topic (1 page)

· Conclusion (1 paragraph)

· Reference list

The paper must include a minimum of 6 references (at least 2 of which must be peer-reviewed journal articles), in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. The main ideas for the paper need to be supported by these sources. The library web site has a good tutorial on what peer-reviewed sources are, and how to find them. 

While you are encouraged to use as much reference material as possible to find your information, the entire written project must be your own work. Severe penalties will be enforced for plagiarizing information which includes cutting and pasting, copying from internet sources, or failing to cite your sources. All information used (articles, websites, etc.) should be referenced using current APA format.

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