Chinese american language and literature essay

Please type up your answers.

Make sure to clearly identify which question and part you are answering. Please do

all the parts as specified.

To strengthen your answers use specific examples and quotes from the readings to

support your points and identify your source using a

parenthetical citation (last name, pg #).

Do not just focus on analyzing an isolated quote or quotes. Your answers should

reflect a comprehensive understanding of the overall reading you are addressing.

Any quotes you use from the readings should be used as evidence to support your

analysis of the reading you are addressing.

When you are done, upload your final exam to TurnItIn on iLearn.

1) Discuss what life was like for early Chinese immigrants as reflected in:

a. Poems of Songs of Gold Mountain

b. An English Chinese-Phrase Book

c. Writings by Sui Sin Far

2) How does history and immigration, and the society at large, impact family

relationships and experiences as discussed in:

a. Louis Chu’s Eat A Bowl of Tea

b. Eddie Fung

c. The Eighth Promise

d. Irene Dea Collier

3) Compare and contrast the 2nd generation experiences of characters in the

following. Please discuss the kinds of conflicts and experiences they

experience growing up as Chinese in America?

a. Eat a Bowl of Tea

b. Eddie Fung

c. The Eighth Promise

d. Irene Dea Collier

e. Harvey Dong

DUE: 10/18 Sunday 11:00pm.  make sure can do it ON TIME…Thanks!!

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