Social responsibility in international trade



Assume the following hypothetical scenario: Topnotch Protection Corporation is an American company that manufactures cost-effective protective covers for smartphones made out of innovative composite material, which currently are being manufactured and sold only in the United States. Topnotch has received interest for its innovative protective covers from various countries in Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, and South America. Topnotch management is considering selling as well as manufacturing its innovative protective covers overseas in those countries to meet international consumer interest.


Select a specific country from the above-mentioned regions. Discuss this developing international trade scenario from a social responsibility perspective by analyzing and explaining the company’s potential international trade with your specific country in accordance with the four core objectives listed above. Emphasize the following in your discussion of the above four core objectives (you must address all of the following points in your short paper):

  1. Necessary interactions among      the following culture groups with their respective perspectives, beliefs,      traditions, or needs: the firm’s management, the firm’s current domestic      production workers and sales staff, the potentially hired workers and      sales staff overseas, government regulators overseas, and customers overseas      etc. (address at least three of these groups). For example, what could be      the different perspectives of these groups on international trade etc.?
  2. Necessary consideration of how      societal issues affect these communities and/or cultures. For example, how      do these groups view domestic versus foreign manufactured products? Is      there a societal preference in your selected country to favor one over the      other for certain products and how does this affect these cultural groups      and Topnotch Protection Corporation?
  3. Necessary consideration of how      social elements influence the behavior and decision-making of your      selected culture groups. For example, how does the economy and economic      conditions in your selected country influence the behavior and decision-making      of your selected culture groups in terms of Topnotch Protection      Corporation penetrating the market? Or how do beliefs and communication      style in your selected country influence the decision-making of cultural      groups in terms of advertising/marketing strategies as well as consumer      behavior, government regulator behavior, etc.
  4. Necessary consideration of how      personal and/or social actions impact cultural groups. For example, how      does the personal responsibility of income/profit maximization of cultural      groups intersect with the social responsibility of cultural groups to      maximize societal welfare such as to achieve maximum economic growth, full      employment, etc. in your selected country? What actions, individually      and/or collectively, may cultural groups undertake to support desirable      outcomes for society?

Conclude with a concise summary in line with the four social responsibility core objectives listed above.


Please write up your answers in a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 5 pages including references. Your coverage of each of the four core objectives should be a minimum of about 2/3 of a page in length. 

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