Reflect on cultural competence and sensitivity | ED-7009 v1 | Northcentral University


Your  reflective journal is intended to be a place where you “think out  loud.”  This assignment is the first reflection in your ongoing journal  for this course.

This first journal entry should focus on your background and  upbringing as it relates to cultural and familial norms. Norms are  actions and beliefs that are accepted as “NORMal” behaviors by a group  or society (Lundin, 2019). Consider the following questions as you  complete this assignment:

  1. What cultural norms and familial norms did you grow up with?
  2. What has changed for you or stayed the same?
  3. What has changed or stayed the same for others in your community and/or the students you teach?
  4. Considering the issues of implicit bias, personal identity, and  changing times, has anything in this first week surprised you or made  you uncomfortable? Why might have this surprised you?
  5. What would you like to learn more about and explore further regarding cultural and familial norms?

If you would prefer to submit your journal as a video journal, please  let your instructor know. You can use the video tool available in  NCUOne to create video journal entries instead of written entries.  Instructions for using this tool are available in this week’s resources.

Additionally, you may want to post some of your thoughts from your  journal in the NCU Commons. While you are welcome to share your thoughts  wherever you would like, a special conversation has been started within  the Educational Leadership community of practice; the link is available  in this week’s resources.  Introduce yourself, if you have not already,  then include whichever parts of your journal you would like to share.  Maybe even ask a couple of questions to engage others in a conversation.  Feedback and additional perspectives from the diverse voices in the NCU  Commons can help you to dive deeper into your ongoing reflections and  growth regarding cultural competence. 


Lundin, L. L. (2019). Social norms. Salem Press Encyclopedia. Toledo, OH: Great Neck Publishing.

Length: 1 to 3-minute video or 1-2 pages; title and reference pages not required for journal entries.

References: References are not required for the journal. If you do  choose to cite references, use APA style for in-text citations and the  reference list.

Your journal should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas  and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts  and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should  reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards. Be sure to adhere to  Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.                                                                    

Upload your document and click the Submit to Dropbox button.

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