Modeling weather using sinusoidal graphs

Add in the blanks in week 1 project. Use Trig Project guidelines for help, it’s an example. 


  1. First, pick your city. Then use this website to find the weather data from every month. You will track the monthly high AND low temperatures and graph both. 
  2. Take your 24 values and put them into a Google Sheets file. You will graph your weather patterns using Google Sheets for average low temperatures and average high temperatures. Your x-axis should be each month (so, time, t), and your y-axis should be a reasonable scale for you to properly assess your temperatures. 
  3. Then you will have to use your plotted points to write a sine or cosine function that best represents the climate of your chosen city. Keep in mind that I have provided you with equations for amplitude and the principle axis. Those might just come in handy, especially when you’re working with less than perfect scenarios. 🙂 

You will write a minimum 5 sentence summary (full sentences) explaining your experience with this project. Feel free to include some explanations of your work that you felt may not be correct, things you struggled with, things you felt were helpful, etc. Remember, you have access to the sentence stems document to help you. 🙂  

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