Unit ii case study | MBA 5401 – Management Information Systems | Columbia Southern University


-How does UPS use information systems technology

to achieve its strategic goals of being more efficient and customer oriented?
-What would happen if the automated package tracking system was not available?
-Discuss how globalization has “flattened” the world.

-Analyze how information systems are transforming business.
-What types of systems does the NFL and its teams use?
-What is the role that these systems play in improving both operations and decision-making?

-Explain the importance of collaboration and information sharing for businesses.
-Explain what a “smart” product is, and use an example.
-How do smart products increase rivalry among firms?

-Describe how new technology trends may cause ethical dilemmas.
-Discuss at least one ethical, social, and political issue raised by embedded cyber connections in cars.
-Discuss how big data analytics are being applied to all of the data generated by motor vehicles.

Required to use a least 3 peer reviewed academic sources no more than 5 years old

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