Spss program need! | Statistics homework help

Statistics and Applications Final Take-Home Exam

Dear students,

For your final take-home exam, you will choose a dataset from IBM SPSS Sample Files folder on your computer. You may reach the folder by following path C:Program FilesIBMSPSSStatistics25SamplesEnglish after you installed the program. Detailed explanations of each dataset are provided in the following link. https://ibm.co/2TtEZDc

You MUST enter the name of your preferred dataset to the following link by the 13th of June. https://cutt.ly/6nlsjmT

While entering the required information to the link, you need to make sure that your chosen dataset has not been previously selected by someone else.


By using your data, perform the analyses stated below. Do not forget to interpret your results if necessary.

1. Select a quantitative variable and calculate descriptive statistics. (10 pts)

2. Select a qualitative (categorical) variable and illustrate its frequency distribution.

(10 pts)

3. Calculate the confidence interval for the mean of your quantitative variable with a

99% confidence level. (5 pts)

4. Perform a One-Sample t-Test for your quantitative variable. Test value for null

hypothesis should be defined as the median of the variable. (???? = 0.05) (10 pts)

5. Perform ANOVA for your quantitative variable. Comparison will be done

according to the categories of your qualitative variable. (???? = 0.05) (10 pts)

6. Recode your qualitative variable into two conceptually meaningful groups. You need to create a new variable after performed recoding. Rename your recoded variable as “New”. Enter a meaningful label for your “New” variable and define labels for both categories. Do not forget to set the appropriate measurement level

for the variable. (10 pts)

7. Perform a One-Sample Proportion test for the first category of the “New”. The

test value for the alternative hypothesis is π≠0.4. (???? = 0.01) (10 pts)

8. Calculate the confidence interval for the proportion of the first category of the

“New”. variable with a 99% confidence level. (5 pts)

9. Perform Independent Samples t-Test for your quantitative variable. Comparison

will be done according to categories of “New”. (???? = 0.10) (10 pts)

10. Calculate the Pearson correlation coefficient for your qualitative and quantitative

variables. Does your result relevant for interpretation? Why/why not? (10 pts)

11. Perform a regression analysis with your quantitative and qualitative variables. Set

the quantitative one as the dependent variable. (10 pts)

The results of all analyses should be reported in a Word file, named “Answers”. Do not forget to upload your “Answers” file to Pusula Sınav along with the Output file in SPSS (.spv).

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