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The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts:
1. Apply fundamental concepts of vector image composition to create professional digital media.
2. Identify and describe vector image editing techniques and their use in the development of digital media for current and emerging applications.
3. Use industry standard software to create and manipulate vector artwork following workflow processes for delivery across multiple platforms, including print, Web sites, interactive projects, and video.
4. Produce vector artwork following ethical principles and legal guidelines.

This project is designed to incorporate the main tools that a designer uses to create vector art, such as the pen tool, colors, and shapes. It is key that you show your knowledge of tools like the pathfinder tool, fill/stroke, creating shapes and using color.


There is a stamp design contest at your local Post Office. The contest requirement is to create two unique stamp designs. Each stamp should be unique in design but has a unifying theme. You are given the following specifications:

  • Two stamp designs
  • Document size: 6”x6”, CMYK 
    • Stamp Size: .87” x .979”, portrait or landscape
    • Both stamp designs should be placed on one artboard.
  • Include “USA”
  • Create the stamp designs, keeping in mind good design principles, using a recent version of Adobe Illustrator (or approved alternative application: InkScape or Affinity Designer).

Stamp Design
The theme of stamps is your choice. Some ideas include: favorite cartoon, sports, music, cultural, pop art, art deco, famous landmarks or places. Remember: each stamp is unique in design but has a unifying theme. Also keep in mind, that you are graded on the overall design of the stamp. The stamp design should follow good design principles. It should be detailed and visually appealing.

  • The expectation of the design is that all of the design elements are created by you using the tools in Illustrator. This includes using shapes and the pen tool to create the line work. Do not use any raster graphics.

Postage Stamp Edge

The stamps should look realistic, so you will create the perforated stamp edge.

1. Create a postage stamp edge.
2. Duplicate the postage stamp for the other design.


The stamp design should incorporate a demonstration of:

3. Pen Tool: at least two design elements in each stamp must be created by the pen tool. The lines created with the pen tool are smooth, including the creation of Bezier curves.
4. Fill: each stamp design should be in color. A minimum of 3 colors should be used in each design; CMYK color mode for the colors.
5. Stroke: a minimum of one design element in each stamp must have a stroke.
6. Gradient: a minimum of one design element on each stamp must have a gradient.
7. Shapes: use the shape tool (i.e. rectangle, oval, circle, etc.) to create one unique design element in each stamp. Use the pathfinder to unite, minus front, intersect, divide, exclude, merge.
8. Type: incorporate type into each stamp design. Use create outlines to modify the shape of the type to fit the theme of the design.
9. Layers: each stamp should be placed on its own layer. Layers should be named appropriately.
10. Swatches: create a minimum of one custom swatch of a color used in each stamp design. Name the swatch.
11. Optional: If the design allows, incorporate the use of the brush tool.

Artist Statement Rationale

12. After you have designed the stamp, write an artist statement that includes:

a. Discuss your design in terms of visual appeal, creativity, and readability.

i. Discuss why the design appeals to the intended audience.
ii. Discuss why you used certain design elements and fonts.
iii. Discuss what you like/dislike/will change about the design.
iv. Discuss your experience in with the design process.

Submission Requirements

13. Submit the source file (i.e. Adobe, Inkscape-.svg), PDF, and .png of the stamp designs. Also submit the Artist Statement in .docx/.doc or PDF format.
14. Submit your completed project to the Assignment folder on or before the due date.

Keep in mind that design is an irritative process. Often there is a back and forth between the designer and client before the design is in its final form. This project offers an opportunity for revisions. Consider the feedback from the instructor and revise the design. You may re-submit the assignment until the final submission deadline at the end of Week 7.

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