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MT299-3: Discuss marketing principles used in business strategies.

Please review the tutorials in the learning activities area before proceeding.

This will be another step in starting work on your final project:

Review the scenario, Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. You will begin to create the foundation for your final project marketing plan.


  • Describe the competitive environment based on the CPM you completed previously.
  • Read the customer surveys in Tim’s file cabinet in the Unit 9 simulation.
  • Explain how you would revise the 4 P’s of marketing for Tim’s based on the above information and how it will impact Tim’s marketing strategy.

Write a minimum of 4 pages, including the title and reference pages, using current APA format and citation style. Submit your paper to the assignment Dropbox before the end of this unit.


The Product Life Cycle

Review the product life cycle. You may also use the Internet as a resource.

Then describe the product life cycle for one of the following in a Microsoft Word document using no fewer than 300 words.

  1. A consumer product, for example a magazine
  2. A cell phone video game
  3. A new self-driving car
  4. An app from the Apple® App Store; for example, Pokémon GO™
  5. A product that you use
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