Soc 502 topic 3 worksheet



Socialization Worksheet

It is important for sociology students to know the role of socialization throughout the lifespan and how it influences personality. This assignment will help you learn the concept of socialization.

Select a lifespan stage (infancy, childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle age or older age) and explain how the aspects of socialization listed below affect this lifespan stage. Each response should be 75-100 words each. Cite scholarly sources to support your explanations.








Culture/subculture –


Global and local government-




Social Media-


Finally, select a role or occupation—e.g. physician,   teacher, police officer, repair person, parent, or even a college student—and   explain the socialization involved in being able to function in that role.   (250-300 words)

How does socialization influence the development of a   person’s personality? (200-250 words)


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