Essay 4 – research paper


Essay 4 

1. • Formatting: Your paper should be typed and formatted according to MLA style: 1 inch margins on all sides, 12 pt. Times New Roman Font, proper heading and header. Double spaced.

2. Length: At least 5 full pages (The works cited page does not count towards meeting the length requirement.). 

3. Documentation: You should include a Works Cited page containing entries for each source that you use in your paper (at least four), and each time you use information from a source in your paper, you should give credit to that source by including an in-text citation. You must include intext citations for ALL material that does not come from your own brain (whether you directly quote, summarize, or paraphrase). 

4. Conclusion should be to re-assert your specific argument and its support. To increase the persuasiveness of your essay, end with a clincher that motivates the reader to take the action you suggest.

5. Topic of research paper:  Racism in a workplace.

6. Intro: The thesis should contain a clear, concise statement of the problem and the solution you propose. 

7. Body • Your First few body paragraphs should prove that the problem exists. 

• After you have proven that the problem exists and is indeed a problem, your next body paragraphs should propose your solution. Lay out the steps that should be taken to enact the solution and be sure to take time to convince your readers that this solution will work by using logical and emotional appeals. 

• Use vivid examples and data to prove that the policy affects specific people, and address naysayers as needed.

• To solve or alleviate the problem, think about several steps that should be taken to improve the situation; the steps or components of your solution may be a combination of research and original thought.

8. References

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