Chose two of the four values and write a one-page paper detailing how


One of the three pillars of MSU’s Public Affairs Mission is Ethical Leadership. MSU states that it “is preparing students for the future by helping them understand the ethical dimensions of leadership and take what they learn in the classrooms and use it to help solve problems and bring about change.”

MSU’s goal with this pillar is that “Students will articulate their value systems, act ethically within the context of a democratic society and demonstrate engaged and principled leadership.”

This goal was adapted from the Center for Ethical Leadership, whose own Mission and Vision can be found here: Also, on that same page are the four organizational values for the Center.

Chose two of the four values and write a one-page paper detailing how those two values can be put into practice in the business world. You can either detail how they would be used in the Accounting industry or the industry in which you will be working in.

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