Book review on any art and architecture history book

Answer each of the following questions in full and complete sentences.

Write the number and questions (in bold) in this order followed by your answers in complete paragraph form.

  1. Introduction:

Identify the book: Author, Title, date, publisher, year, city.

Include: a.  a brief introduction to the subject of the book.

  1. What is the relationship to the subject matter of the course?
  2. (#3 Not required) Comparison  to other books on similar topic:    Find 2 other books on the same  subject and compare it with your book. Fully identify each book.
  3. What is the unique contribution of this book?
  4. What conclusions does the author make concerning the subject?
  5. What other directions could the author take regarding the subject for further study?
  6. Did the book meet your expectation? How? Explain why.
  7. At what point of the book were you most engaged? Explain why.
  8. Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not? Explain.

*Attach a detailed summary of your favorite chapter with pictures as if you will do a presentation in class. 


  • Foot notes (In Turabian Style – see blog “Bibliography & Footnotes” TAB –  ABOVE)
  •  A detailed summary of your favorite chapter with pictures.  (As if you would do a class presentation on it.)
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