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The experiences people have when they are young, often shape their views when they become adults. For this discussion, reflect upon your own experiences as a child. How do you think your parents’/guardians’ views shaped your own view of parental involvement/relationships/guidance as it relates to your role as a current or future ECE professional?

Below are a few questions to help guide your reflection:

  • When you were growing up, how involved, if at all, were your parents/guardians in your education? Did they volunteer at your school? Did they steer clear of it?
  • Were you aware of how your parents viewed school, in general? Did they value it? How did you know?
  • What were their views on guidance practices at home or at school?
  • How did your parent’s views on guidance affect your views now on child guidance?

Please reply to your peers using understanding, compassion, and empathy. Ask clarifying questions, as you are comfortable, but understand that personal experiences can be sensitive. Practice your sincere, professional care, and empathy as you would in your practice with children and families.

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