Uses and misuses of data

  1. Reflect on the misuses of data.  What have you learned in this activity to help you become a more informed consumer of knowledge.  How do people use biased samples and surveys that would affect conclusions? Give an example. How do people manipulate the data display to change the conclusions?  Give an example.
  2. Find a graph that has been used in the media and discuss why you believe that it may be misleading.  Include this graph in your answer. 
  3. Go back to an article that you have found so far in this unit where bias is present.  What type of bias was present and what effect might it have on the conclusions of the study?  Include a link to that article.

Write the answers to these questions in a word document, and submit a PDF file in the dropbox below.  

Keep in mind that your submitted file will be checked through Turnitin automatically.  So make sure that work submitted is your own and not copied from any sources.

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