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you will fill in sections 1-12 of the Cyber Security Plan template download.  Please rename the file to “Security Plan – student name” before submitting it.

In Section 1 you will identify 3 systems you believe that South Balance would have in place.  If you are not familiar with systems companies might use, do some quick research.  This does not need to be detailed.  I would be surprised if all of you did not have “email system” as one of them as nearly all companies today have this.

In Sections 2-12 you will fill out information about the 3 systems you chose. If doing this for a real company there should be documentation to help you fill this in. However, since we don’t have that to fall back on, use some quick research and your imagination. Have fun with it but give me information that fits and is credible for the section.

Look at the rubric: original but credible will get you more points.


Security Plan Rubric Sections 1-12
Security Plan Rubric Sections 1-12CriteriaRatingsPts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Out come Section 

Completeness Are all sections completed?
25 pts Full Marks

25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome

Credibility Are the systems and information listed credible in nature?
25 pts Full Marks

25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome

Description quality In the description sections, are the descriptions quality in nature? Do they truly answer the sections requirements or are they minimal to complete the section?
25 pts Full Marks

25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome

Originality Did the student show initiative and originality in picking the 3 systems and providing the system owners and descriptions?
25 pts Full Marks

0 pts No Marks
25 pts
Total Points: 100

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