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For this assignment, respond to  the prompt below. Your work should be contextualized in the readings and other course materials, including specific passages or other direct references. In order to earn full points you must reference the readings and additional material from this module. Aim for 3-4 solid paragraphs at minimum. You must have a total of five posts


Explain how the Serving foundational element of engagement connects to the characters, story, or larger context of the Civil Rights Movement as depicted in March.  What specific scenes, passages, or people illuminate your understanding of service?  How effective is March in telling the story of the Civil Rights Movement? What is special about using this specific medium of comics? Although the subject of the story is a historical figure/event, the comic was published recently: what’s the lesson/lessons we should apply in our own times? As you develop your response to this prompt, you must make connections to the Civically Engaged Reader and the March book.

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