Assignment | Health policy | Adler University

 1.Follow the instructions

2. proper in-text citation

3. APA format 

  1. Answer the following questions for your health issue (Health problems Depression and Health issue: Lack of mental health services). Be sure to provide credible sources to support your responses. ( Sources should be from CDC, Healthy People 2030, and other credible sources)
    1. Who is affected by it?
    2. How big is the problem?
    3. What contributes to the problem?
    4. When and where is the problem most likely to occur?

2. Based on your response to question #1,  write a one-paragraph problem summary statement for your policy, similar to the one below (a 150 – 200 word count required for #2) — see example below

 THIS IS AN EXAMPLE of how to write question NO. #2#2: Problem Statement (example based on the teenage drinking example on the CDC website) 

  • Although fewer teens are drinking and driving, this risky behavior is still a major public health problem in this community. Drinking and driving among U.S. teens decreased by 50% from 1991-2012. However, high school teens often still drive after drinking—about 2.4 million times per month. In 2010, 1 in 5 teen drivers involved in fatal crashes had some alcohol in their systems. Of those drivers, most of them—about 4 in 5—had blood alcohol concentrations higher than the legal limit for adults. National, state, and local data show that risk factors for teen drinking and driving include lower socioeconomic status (which is associated with not having access to a car), lower driver education levels, and less access to alcohol.


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