Researching rhetorically post #1: opinion

This post is the first in a series of discussions that you will complete that count as part of your first project grade. Each post will build on the previous one. 

STEP 1: Find an opinion article or persuasive source that is relevant to/about the movement or organization that you want to work on for this project. For example, revisit the assignment sheet for this project. As you can see in the table at the bottom of the sheet, if you were interested in March for Our Lives, you could look for an article that is relevant to or about “March for Our Lives.” Note: You cannot use “March for Our Lives” for your project, since it was given as an example.

A good place to start could be the Op-Ed/ Opinion section of a newspaper. For example, if you go to the NYTimes or the Washington Post website, you can go to the “Opinion” section, then use the search bar to search the Opinion section for a particular topic. (Opinion pieces will often say something like “Op-Ed, Opinion, Editorial,” somewhere on the page.) You don’t have to use an Op-Ed– just make sure you pick an text that makes an argument about something your chosen organization cares very much about or is involved in.

You’ve already submitted a topic proposal for this topic, so try to stick to that topic. 

STEP 2: Once you’ve identified an article to work with, read the article/text and then write a rhetorical summary. To help you write a rhetorical summary, see Guiding Questions for Rhetorical Summaries below. However, do not write your summary as a list of bulleted answers–write your summary in paragraph form. Your summary should be at least 250 words long and should answer the questions provided. Remember that this post will lay the foundation for the next post, so it’s important that you consider all the questions provided.

When you  are done, post both the link to the text, with your rhetorical summary below that

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