Race gender and sexuality | Human Resource Management homework help


Once you have reviewed ALL the content carefully, Answer the questions below in at least 5-7 sentences EACH.

  1. Explain Race, how it was formed, how it’s not real and how it still works.  You must use at least one example From EACH of the 7 videos on Race: The Power of an Illusion (7 examples total)
  2. Create a timeline of Race with at least 5-7 bullet points
  3. Give at least 1 example of how Government or Market policies have made it easier for White Americans to generate more wealth than people of color.  What are your thoughts on this?
  4. If we actually look at genes, how different are people from each other?
  5. Comment on 2 other races that you do not belong to and what they might experience that you can’t possibly understand fully. Use examples from the last 4 videos on Race.
  6. Explain the difference between Biological Sex, Gender and Sexuality.  Explain the complexities that our culture tends to simplify.
  7. Some people  believe that LGBTQ rights are a new “modern” phenomenon.  What did you learn about Native American culture that contradicts this and what are your thoughts on this? (The Way of the Two-Spirit People article)
  8. Explain how Gender, just like Race is not real but rather a social construct that changes based on the society of the people who reinforce it. (we are not talking about Sex or Sexuality but Gender-understanding the difference is an important part of this lesson)
  9. People are not just born either male or female.  Explain.  Compare with your thoughts and beliefs before this class.
  10. What questions do you have about this lesson. Other thoughts?


Tips for a successful assignment:
  • College-level writing requires that you explain your thoughts clearly-for this reason you must use 5-7 sentences minimum  EACH QUESTION.  OR YOUR ASSIGNMENT WILL NOT BE GRADED.
  • Take time to process your thinking.  Think about what surprised you, what contradicted your existing thoughts and why the information is important.
  • Look at your notes (you should be taking notes in as you view the lessonsThe content is not easy and you 
  • Don’t assume your reader knows what you’re talking about, explain all thoughts and ideas fully
  • Don’t rush-it’s always obvious when you don’t take enough time to complete assignments.
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