Discussion post – business management | Mat 120 | Midlands Technical College


Discussion 5: The Robots are Coming

1. Do a video search for job automation for your major here at the college, and pick a link.

2. Post your link to your chosen clip(s) in your discussion posting.

3.  Write a short paragraph describing your clip(s), and then think about your chosen major here at the college.

4. Is your major automation proof?  Discuss where you might think automation could affect you in the future and what parts of your future career are safe from such technology advances.  Will automation improve parts of your future career?  Will it decrease the number of jobs in your area?  You can site more than one source here about your major, and of course statistics are part of this discussion so be sure to include some in your posting.  

Note:  Do not just state your opinion.  Your discussion can include your opinion, but I often see postings saying my job is completely safe from any automation.  However, with a quick web search I can find dozen of articles about automation in that area.

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