Discussion 01.3: case law scenario | HA4070D-Regulatory Enviroment in Health Care | National American University

HA4070D – Regulatory Environment in Health Care

Discussion 01.3: Case Law Scenario

Julie Smithson calls your medical office to ask about her father’s bill.  Her father told her he doesn’t know why he received a bill.  Medicare was supposed to have taken care of it.  She is trying to help clear the confusion for her father.  She asks you to find out what the bill is for and if Medicare is going to pay it.  Can you discuss this info with her?

In a minimum of 150 words explain if there are any legal concerns for you to consider. If yes, what healthcare laws are in play and explain how you would handle the situation. Feel free to use the internet to find information but be sure to cite your sources.

The Law of Health Care  Finance & Regulation–Vitalsource [email protected]#magicMAN61

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