2 case study for nurse practitioner

Answer the following questions below. I ALREADY HAVE THE SHELL, just answer the questions relating to diagnosis below. APA format, no references older than 5 years. Attached below is a example case study template.

A. **Primary Diagnosis is Urinary Tract Infection ***

1. Write about primary diagnosis Pathophysiology (UTI)

2. (2) Differential Diagnosis > Cystitis & Acute pyelonephritis 

3. Diagnostic/test procedure 

4. Plan/Medication Management. 

5. Education 


>>B. Second Diagnosis ** Vaginal Yeast Infection**

1. Write about primary Diagnosis Pathophysiology (Vaginal Yeast Infection)

2. (2) Differential Diagnosis > Bacterial Vaginosis & Trichomoniasis  

3. Diagnostic/test procedure 

4. Plan/Medication Management. 

5. Education.

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