Ups 1071 | Management homework help


1. What automotive company uses UPS as their parts supplier? Briefly describe how they take advantage of UPS services. 

2. What company setup shop right next to FedEx so they can quickly deliver their perishable goods? What do they sell? 

3. How many times is the average FedEx package scanned 

4. Over the past 18 months, UPS has opened 12 new dedicated facilities on 4 continents. What are they dedicated to? 

5. What does telematics do for UPS? 

6. What does UPS Quantum View do for customers? 

7. Which is bigger? The FedEx Memphis hub or the UPS WorldPort Hub? Provide statistics in at least a one paragraph answer. 

8. According to company financials, what was the total income and profit for each company? Who did better in terms of profit as a percent of revenue? 

9. How did Siemens help to expand the Worldport Hub? 

10.What fine foods company has a warehouse next to the UPS WorldPort facility? What do they keep there? How do they do it? 

11.What is the name of the hand-held device that UPS drivers use? How does it integrate with the UPS ERP system? 
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