Milestone | Criminal homework help

 : Basics of Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology, “Units of Analysis and Measuring Crime” (pp. 96–103)

Video: Rational Choice Theory: The Economics of Crime (6:58)
  This video provides a short overview of rational choice theory of crime, providing example applications.

Library Article: Criminal Theory on the Street: Analyzing why Offenses Take Place
   This article provides you with information on additional justice  theories and ways they can be practically applied to the development of  your research questions.

   This reading will provide information on how to identify trends and  measure specific crime types. This will assist you in identifying  contemporary criminological theories related to the trend. 

 Submit Milestone One of your final project.
In this milestone  assignment, you will begin working on the introduction to your research  report, building off the work you did to select your issue in Module  One. In this assignment, you will provide a brief overview of the  contemporary issue


In Module One, you selected and gained instructor approval for an issue that will form the basis for 

your work on the final project. For this milestone, 

you will provide an overview of that issue and its importance with respect to a trend in the field of criminal justice. You w

ill include information necessary to set the stage for your supervisoras outlined in the

overview section of the 

Final Project

Guidelines and Rubric document. In this milestone, you will write the 


section of your final project. 

This information will be organized into a short,alphanumeric outline. Prompt: 

Provide an overview of the issue approved for use in your final project and explain its importance with respect to a trend in the field of criminal justice.Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

A brief outlineof the contemporary issue you have selected to research for your final project 

and its importance with respect to a trending the field of criminal justice


necessary information to set the stage

for your supervisor

Consider how the issue plays a larger role in

the field of criminal justice

Guidelines for Submission:

Your outline must be submitted as an alphanumeric outline with 

double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, 

week one   see attachment, TOPIC:  Use of force complaints

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