Criminal ethics hwlesson6 | Criminal homework help


Lesson Six/Chapters 9 and 10.

Chapter Nine:

Q1. Briefly describe and  discuss ‘asset forfeiture’ and why it is so widely criticized.

Q2.  We often hear the word ‘discretion’ in our everyday conversations.  Everyone exercises discretion to include the police, judges, and  attorneys when dealing with victims, suspects, and clients.  How would  you define the word ‘discretion’? Do you think the use of discretion is  similar or different when used by the police and attorneys? Why?

Chapter Ten:

Q1.  In the face-2-face ethics class, I often begin the discussion of  Chapter Ten with a simple question…’do you think there are any  innocent people in prison in the US today?’. What kind of question is  that?  SO….

Discuss  the number of innocents who may be imprisoned. What are the sources for  the estimate? What are the criticisms of the sources?

Q2. What are the four types of ethical violations that have been associated with prosecutors?

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