traumatic stress and the differences between anxiety


Assignment: Please submit a three page written assignment (minimum 5 paragraphs, with at least 5 sentences for each paragraph). The three pages do not include your cover or reference page. You must use Times Roman, 12 font and your essay should be written in APA format, the 7th edition. This assignment will address concepts related to traumatic stress and the differences between anxiety. You must use at least two scholarly resources and one of which can be your text. The second resource MUST BE  PEER REFERRED journal article. Scholarly resources would include journal articles, text, etc. Wikipedia is not a scholarly resource. Please answer the following questions:

1. Define trauma? Provide some examples of situations where a person might experience a trauma.

2. What are the specific effects of trauma?(Hint: Think in terms of physical, emotional, and socially or relationally)? 

3. How would you define the concept “triggers”. Give at least three examples that illustrate the concept of “triggers”.

4. In what way is trauma stress different than anxiety?

5. Based on your research, explain at least two evidence-based treatment approaches to treating complex trauma. 


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