Pages 46 – 61 and pages 62 to 89 the house on mango street (2)


Read pp 46 to 61:  This includes “ Chanclas,” “Hips,” “The First Job,” “Papa Who Wakes Up Tired…” and “Born Bad.”

1.   Make entries in Reading Journal with summaries of each story.

                  2.  Answer the following questions in complete sentences using evidence from the text.                    


Questions for The House on Mango Street Pages 46 – 61 

  1. How does Esperanza feel about her party clothes in “Chanclas”?  Why do you think her attitude changes at the end of the story? 
  2. What did Cisneros mean by this quote from “Hips:”  “She is in a world we don’t belong to anymore.” 
  3. What happened when Esperanza tried to make friends at work? 
  4. Why is Esperanza feeling guilty in “Born Bad”? 
  5. Theme of gender roles is emerging. How do you think the author felt about the roles of men and women at this time? What clues do you notice in the stories? 


Read pp 62 to 89 includes “Elenita, Cards, Palm, Water,” “Geraldo No Last Name” “Edna’s Ruthie,” “The Earl of Tennessee,” “Sire,” “Four Skinny Trees,” “No Speak English,” “Rafaela …” “Sally,” “Minerva Writes Poems, ““Bums in the Attic,” “and “Beautiful and Cruel.”

  1.   Make entries in Reading Journal with summaries of each story.

                                     2.   Respond to the following questions using complete sentences and evidence from the text:

Questions for The House on Mango Street Pages 62- 89 

  1. What does Cisneros mean by the quote “My whole life on that kitchen table: past, present and future.”? 
  2. How does Cisneros give readers a feeling of helplessness in “Geraldo No Last Name”? 
  3. Why do you think Ruthie stays at her mother’s home?  What does that tell you about the lives of families in the neighborhood? 
  4. What are the word choices Cisneros uses to describe the sound of Earl coming home? 
  5. Do you think Cisneros was proud of her cultural heritage? Provide some examples from the text. 
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