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 Write a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 750 words according to MLA guidelines for literary studies papers. Include a Work Cited page, but do not include a cover page. No secondary sources are required or expected. Only one entry (your primary source) shall be listed on your Work Cited page.  


 Topics Choose one of the following topics for your thesis:

 In the short story “The Last Hunt of Dorax” by Olive Huck, Dorax seems quite different than the other sheep dogs on the ranch. What makes him different and how does this difference define his character? Does this symbolize anything?

 In the short story “The Last Hunt of Dorax,” Olive Huck uses many tropes such as symbols, similes, metaphors, and irony. Choose one of these tropes and evaluate her use of this trope. Does this trope work well or does her trope need improvement? For example, Dorax is blamed for killing sheep, but he is protecting sheep and the ranchers. What does this situational irony mean?

 In the short story “The Last Hunt of Dorax,” how does Olive Huck capture the local color of Texas in the early twentieth century? What does this mean for the story? 

In the short story “The Last Hunt of Dorax,” Olive Huck captures the ranching life of Texas. How can this story help urban readers understand nature, Texas ranching, or ranching life?

 In the short story “The Last Hunt of Dorax” by Olive Huck, Dorax meets a tragic end. How does his death represent the conflict between industry, symbolized by the rancher’s firearm, and nature, symbolized by Dorax himself?

 In the short story “The Last Hunt of Dorax” by Olive Huck presents a domesticated dog who “consorts” with a wolf pack and seemingly leads them to the sheep but turns to defend the sheep once the pack begins the hunt. What does this mean? 

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