Correctly listing units of measurements


 The metric system and employing laboratory skills is listed throughout the science frameworks.  Just use the attachments as a guide but utilize whatever resources at your disposal.  In the past, I found that many students did not know or understand basic units of measurement.  For many of us, it has been years since we were required to simply measure something (other than in our kitchen at home).  

1.  In your initial post, BRIEFLY describe how you would measure a substance in either state of matter and actually do it at home.  It doesn’t matter what you measure (length of a table top, volume of glass of tea, temperature of a cake, etc..)

2.  List the measurement correctly in the metric system: (ex. V= 3 mL)

3.  Explain or the difference between a variable, number, unit and symbol.  (ex.  What’s the V stand for?, the mL, etc..)

Use whatever resources at your disposal (Youtube, online textbooks, etc..).  

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