Case study – finance | Accounting homework help


You must upload a copy of your case write-up (in a WORD file, NO pdfs) and your supporting Excel file to BB by the due date and time. See the course outline for the due date and time.

◼ In your Excel file, ALL of the cells MUST show the formulas underlying your calculations. The cells MUST show how you calculated the amounts. This means that when a number (cell) is a function of other numbers (cells), that calculation/formula must be shown. You CANNOT just put a number in a cell without showing how you calculated it. For example, you CANNOT remove formulas from the cells in the balance sheet or in the cash flow statement to make it appear as though they articulate. In other words, NO fudging of any of the numbers (cells) in your forecasted financial statements to get them to work right.

◼ Excel files that do not meet the above requirements will be severely penalized… i.e., lose most, mostly likely all points.

◼ The grader verifies your Excel calculations to make sure that your forecasted financial statements are correctly specified and articulate like they are supposed to.

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