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The literature review is based on the answer below that  I wrote on an invention for a Fortune 500 company 

A city that I would like to live in within the foreseeable future is Memphis, Tennessee. The city is widely spread out along the Mississippi River. The population of Memphis as of 2019 stood at 651,073, making it the second-most populous city in Tennessee. Crime is a significant issue that affects many cities, and Memphis is no different. For a long time, the city has grappled with increasing crime rates (Tulumello, 2018), making it unsafe and risky for many community members. The high rate of criminal activity within the city poses significant challenges to the community. Therefore, there is a need for urgent and effective measures to address the crime situation and guarantee individuals and societies’ safety and security living within the region.

The fortune company that I have selected for my strategic business plan is Microsoft. The company can play a role in combating crime within Memphis’s city by developing a predictive analytics application. The world today is a digital world with data everywhere. A machine learning and predictive analytics application would prove beneficial to the policing department as it will enable analyzing crime patterns and trends (Jeong et al., 2016). This application will enable the police to make accurate forecasts of criminal activities and ensure that there are adequate resources available to prevent such criminal activities from taking place, and foster greater coordination between the police officers. Therefore, my proposal is for the organization to develop a predictive analysis and machine learning application for the Memphis Police department.


Jeong, G. M., Truong, P. H., Lee, T. Y., Choi, J. W., & Lee, M. (2016, October). Course design for the internet of things using the lab of things of Microsoft research. In 2016 IEEE frontiers in education conference (FIE) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

Tulumello, S. (2018). The multiscalar nature of urban security and public safety: Crime prevention from local policy to policing in Lisbon (Portugal) and Memphis (the United States). Urban affairs review, 54(6), 1134-1169.

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