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Students will participate in a diversity or cultural event either via face-to-face or in-person that addresses some aspect of diversity such as race relations, gender orientation, etc.  Students will compose a paper that reflects on their participation in the event while expounding upon and applying the concepts learned throughout the course.  Students should follow the guideline below:

a. Identify and provide an overview of the event attended.

b. Reflect on how your participation in the event correlates with the content learned and/or discussed in the course relative to the diversity identity chosen. 

c. Discuss some of the challenges identified in your participation in the event. 

d. How might you as a social work practitioner address these challenges?

e. Provide a discussion relative to your knowledge of diversity prior to the course and attending the event and how your knowledge has enhanced.

f. As a social work practitioner, identify strategies that you can implement on the micro, mezzo and macro levels to address issues of diversity and human rights.

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