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The First one is a case, I want you to read the Zappo case and then answer the 10 case questions found in the PDF that I attached  a 1 page double spaced paper, using proper APA Citations.




The seconed one is Video Journal, I want you to watch the Video and answer the questions.


Here is the link of the video ( )


  • Background:

    Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915), an engineer known as the Father of Scientific Management, focused on analyzing jobs and redesigning them so that they could be accomplished more efficiently .


    After watching the video, answer these questions in an attached document/file.


    1. Frederick Taylor said that one machine can change work performance—The Stopwatch. Explain what he meant.
    2. How can managers find ways to make their workplace more productive?
    3. Is there a chance that we may live and work by Taylorism?
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