Cultural and competence training excercise | HC 310


In the textbook on page 212 you will find the “Review Questions and Activities.” #2 has you “Imagine that you are setting up a cultural competence training…” 

Pg 212: #2- Image that you are setting up cultural competence training for doctors and nurses that would include knowledge and skill training, developmental training, integrated training, community-based training, and didactic training. How would you plan the overall training agenda? What sort of elements would you include? Leave out?

After reading Chapter 6 in the textbook and the two articles assigned for reading, one of which outlines standards and methods while the other gives an example of a training curriculum, write a general training agenda which includes:   

See two articles uploaded below:

1. Assessment (from last week’s readings) tests and/or exercises, as you learned last week

2. Important knowledge that cultural competence requires and each item here must be described and supported from the readings

3. Important skills that are required and each item here also must be described and supported from the readings

4. An example of how this training would be done (lean heavily on the “Four-Year Model…”)

Write your agenda in OUTLINE FORM. The four items above will be your main headings following a 1 paragraph introduction.

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