discussion 09.1: diffusing potentially volatile workplace situations | HA4300D-Healthcare Management and Supervision | National American University

HA4300D – Healthcare Management and Supervision

 Discussion 09.1: Diffusing Potentially Volatile Workplace Situations


As illustrated in this week’s readings, sometimes supervisors are tempted to allow potential problems to go unaddressed (i.e., operating under the assumption that the situation will, eventually, correct itself). In most, if not all cases, however, rather than correcting itself, the situation usually escalates and has a negative impact on productivity and workplace morale. Reflect back on one or more situations in your current or former workplace where a supervisor neglected to effectively address a situation that evolved into a greater issue resulting in disciplinary and/or even legal actions by one or more employees. How could the supervisor have handled the situation better?

 Umiker’s Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor–Vitalsource [email protected]#magicMAN61

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