Mgkt 367 assignement2 | Marketing homework help

  1. During the first week of a search advertising campaign, your ad was served to 10,000 people and you are paying on average $3.35 PPC.  It the CTR is 1.35%, then how much did you spend in the first week?

  2. Your display advertising campaign is priced at 13.12 CPM with a CTR of 0.05%. What is the total cost of 100,000 impressions?
  3. You are deciding whether or not to purchase a display advertising campaign on a PPC or CPM basis. The PPC price is $1.53 and the CPM price is $5.67.  

    1. If the expected CTR is 0.5%, which option is less expensive?

    2. If the expected CTR is 2.5%, which option is less expensive?

  4. [challenge] Suppose you are the marketing manager for, an online seller of jerseys for sports teams. If offered to sell you advertising on a pay-per-conversion basis at $10 per conversion and the gross margin on sales is 30%, how big does the average order have to be to justify the cost of the advertising?  

Don’t forget that I will hold office hours on Monday from 7:30-9pm through the Virtual Classroom (on the menu to the left.)

Wite 1 page and follow the instruction.

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