Rhino poaching outline for public speaking

 This is My Topic:

  • What is your great idea or passion?

I’m passionate about animals, especially ones that are going extinct such as the rhino. The primary danger to rhinos is poaching. Rhino horn is a very esteemed segment of Customary Chinese Drug, rehearsed in China, Vietnam and different parts of East Asia. Several rhinos are slaughtered illicitly for their horns each year.

  • Is this topic informative or persuasive? (General purpose)

This topic is informative because I would like to bring awareness to rhino poaching.

  • What do you want your audience to do or know after listening to you? (Specific purpose)

I want my audience to know that the world we live isn’t all tremendous. Rhinos are being left on the floor like road kill and bleeding to death. Most importantly, I want to open my audience eyes and touch every one of them about this tragic matter.

.I uploaded a file to show you how the format outline is and that is an example. It has to be plagiarism free and cited at the end. It due at 11:30 and need it by today

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