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In this discussion board, you need to think through the specific way you will set up your Think Piece. There are three main parts and each of them is accompanied by questions that I would like you to answer. I would appreciate it if you would make an effort to reply to your classmates and you can also “like” posts you find particularly insightful or interesting. This specific discussion board is graded but only as a complete/incomplete. You need to complete it in order to receive full credit for the final Think Piece. 

  • Beginning:
    • What topic have you chosen? (Please provide a link to the article that best agrees with your chosen side of the conversation.)
    • What side of the side are you taking? 
    • How is this topic relevant to either you or the current global situation that you live in? (Why have you chosen that side?)
  • Middle:
    • What is the opposing argument that you will be disagreeing with? (Please provide at least one link to an article that best disagrees with your chosen side of the conversation.)
    • Why is that argument not sufficient to convince you to side with them? (Why do you disagree with them?)
  • End:
    • What suggestions, advice, or guidance will you make about the topic in your Think Piece? (It’s okay if you don’t have this fully fleshed-out yet, just give us some general comments about advice you might offer.)
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