Violent video games | English homework help

read the 6 attached articles, which they are all about (violent video games, children, parents, and government).

then write a 7 pages research. a research that has both explaination and arguments. MLA format. put some quotes from the 6 attached sources. remeber do not bring quotes from other sources, use only the 6 attached articles. 


– Here are some points and hints that i need the research to look like:

Q:how violent video games effect children?

A: when they get addicted; it changs their behavior and effect them morally.

Q:what violent video games lead children to?

A: it leads children to aggression, and that aggression lead to crimes. 

Q:how and why parents are responsible on this issue? how the government can also be a part of it?

A: parents and the government can prevent this issue; because parents can control their child, and the governmnet has the power to prevent these games from sale.


***please use very simple words*** and *** Do Not add other sources*** ***use only the attached 6 sources***

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