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Pre-Algebra Midterm Exam

Solve the problems below. Show your work when applicable.


1.       Write using exponents.




2.       Simplify. Show your work.

513 +-3918




3.       What type of measurement would you use to describe the amount of water a pot can hold?





4.       Estimate the sum of 9.327 + 5.72 + 4.132 to one decimal place.





5.       State whether the number 91 is prime, composite, or neither.




6.       What are the mean and the mode of the following set of data: 5, 12, 1, 5, 7









7.       To measure the distance from the U.S. to Istanbul, Turkey you would most likely use __________.




8.       What percent of 67 is 33? Round to the nearest tenth of a percent.








9.       An adult house cat could be about 1 ___________ high.






10.   Write a number sentence for the model. Let one white tile equal +1 and one black tile equal






11.   Determine whether the statement is true or false.

94 is divisible by 3.




12.   State whether the number 97 is prime, composite, or neither.




13.   Solve the equation. Show your work.

5d = 17.1




14.   A reasonable estimate for the mass of a baby would be 7 ______.




15.   Write an equation for:

Twelve times h equals one hundred and twenty minus thirty-six.





16.   Solve the equation step by step. List each step, along with the property you used during that step.

–5 × 1 × 11 × 4.





17.   Summarize the order of operations for evaluating expressions. Use complete sentences.






18.   Define three measures of central tendency. Use complete sentences.








19.   Without computing, tell whether the product is positive or negative.





20.   Solve the equation. Show your work.

3x = 45

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