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best practices/adult learners/education

write a 3-4 page paper on best practices in adult education in terms of constructivism and self-directed learning.

Please utilize below this information for this: 

 *** Explains best practices for communicating with adult learners and identifies possible consequences of not using best practices on adult learners.

A.  Constructivism and Self-Directed Learning Best Practices 

§  There are six best practices for adult learners that were prevalent through most research; communication, active learning, prompt feedback, giving deadlines with adequate time, clear objectives and respecting diverse interests and ways of learning (Grant & Thronton, 2007; Keengwe & Kidd, 2010; Castellanos & Gloria, 2007; Fram & Camp, 1995). 

1.  Communication – This principle of best practice is important in any classroom pedagogy or andragogy. 

a.  Grant et al. (2007) found that interaction between learner and instructor builds a wonderful foundation to building an online or in person classroom community. 

b.  A dialogue heavy instructor creates a communication bridge for all learners (Keengwe et al., 2010)

2.  Active Learning – Active learning is a concept that is where learners active participation in the class

a.  Fram et al. (1995) found that active learning increases student performance

b.  Giving learners the ability to connect information based on past experiences can be important to active learning. 

3.  Prompt Feedback

a.  Grant et al (2007) found that learners who thought the instructor gave prompt feedback consistently helped with student retention.

4.  Deadlines with adequate time

a.  When an instructor sets clear and objective deadlines for assessments, it gives students the ability to do the work on their own time within that scheduled time frame.

b.  This could give learners the ability to look over materials and ask appropriate questions where necessary. 

5.  Clear Objectives

a.  When learners have clear unit, weekly or monthly course objectives and goals it can be used as a sort of standard on what is supposed to be learned

b.  Fram et al. (1995) found that having these objectives in the course room allowed for learners to make sure they were achieving these benchmarks.

c.  It can also be said that having these benchmarks are important for instructors to make sure the learners are actively understanding the materials. 

6.  Diversity

a.  In the classroom, an instructor will have learners from all different backgrounds and learning styles. 

b.  Keengwe et al. (2010) found that instructors who offered a diverse range of materials for different learning styles had learners who excelled more frequently than those who did not diversify their materials or resources. 

B.  If instructors do not implement best practice into their classroom, it can hinder progress of learners. It can also reflect poorly on the instructor as the learners are not exceling like they should in the course because of things that are not implemented in the course. 

Analyzes best practices for communicating with adult learners and identifies roadblocks for using best practices methodologies.

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