5-2 assignment: data analytics in industry

Search for relevant job positions that utilize data analytics on Handshake. Use the Handshake Guide to help you search for relevant job postings. Please note: You may choose to use one of the job positions you researched in previous assignments.

Select one job position that interests you. Be sure that the job description includes information on the organization and the industry it is in. Review the job description and identify the title of the role and the organization that is hiring.

  • Identify the industry the organization is associated with. The organization’s industry will likely appear below the organization’s name. How does this industry use data analytics?

Based on the description, how will this position utilize data? What are the organization’s needs? Address the following about the industry you have identified:

  • Identify and describe a common challenge or problem that business organizations face in the industry you’ve identified. For example, a common challenge for large companies in several industries is to find effective ways to integrate customer data between companies when one business is acquired by another. Please note: The challenge or problem you identify does not need to be directly aligned to the job position you selected, but it does need to be specific to the industry you’ve identified.
  • Explain how data analytics can be used to address this challenge or problem in the industry. Address the following:
    • What types of data are commonly used to address this type of problem or challenge?
    • Which areas of data analytics are commonly used to address this type of problem or challenge? For example, text analytics, fraud analytics, customer analytics, or others.

 This assignment must be 2 to 4 pages in length. All references must be cited in APA format.  

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