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Read the textbook PART 3: Hinduism, chapter 9 (p. 133-146) & chapter 10 (p. 146-156).

Submit two separate Precis Paper’s, one for chapter 9 and one for chapter 10. Keep in mind the three-part structure described on the syllabus for what constitutes a Precis Paper: Part I is a Summary with a minimum of 5 quotes and page citations, Part II is where you make personal connections, analogies, or discuss how some of the content can be related to something in your own religion or culture, Part III should offer some of your thoughts or insights on something you found confusing or needed some extra explanation. Email me with questions.

The Precís Papers require three parts:

(1) a Summary aspect where students are REQUIRED to quote material and cite page numbers in parenthetical citation (Hanh, 42) in order to prove where their information is from;

(2) a relational or reflective aspect where you relate the content to your own personal experience.

(3) Write a question you had about the reading – a word you didn’t know, an idea that challenged you, something you wanted to know more about.

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