Eco302, read news and write 2 page summary

Specific points to include in your summary are:

  1. title of article, author name, and date of publication,
  2. what the thesis statement of the article is,
  3. what main points the author makes in support of the article’s thesis statement,
  4. any supporting points/data the author includes to strengthen the article’s thesis statement,
  5. a thorough description of the economic theory concept (class material) the article is related to, and
  6. how the economic theory concept you selected is directly related to the article’s thesis statement.

Please note that many articles published within The Economist are published without naming an author.  This is because the articles are written collaborative between several staff members and the magazine does not believe in naming only one author.  If your article does not have an author named, please state “author unknown” in your summary analysis.

Summaries must be type-written, double-spaced using no larger than 12-point font and 1” margins on 8 ½” X 11” paper.  You may not use the same economic theory concept to analyze more than one of your articles.  Furthermore, any student submission that exceeds two pages (with stated specifications) will lose points for not adhering to length requirement.   The articles used for submission must be published after January 1, 2021.  Additionally, a hyperlink to the actual article analyzed must also be included at the end of your analysis.  Students who fail to include this hyperlink to their selected article will receive zero points for their work.  All student work must be submitted in a current version of Microsoft Word.  Files submitted via the course “assignments” page formatted in any other file format will not be graded.

In an effort to guide student work and ease the burden of grading for your instructor, all students summaries should also include the following two additional things.

  1. The thesis statement (as included in your written summary) must be highlighted.
  2. The student’s selected economic theory concept must be underlined.
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